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Story Behind The Picture | Yuvraj Sachdeva

Holi, the festival of colours brings a great joy in our country but it comes up with a little extra enthusiasm in our northern state Uttar Pradesh. Different places of this state celebrate this happy festival in different ways. Just like this, the people of Nandgaon celebrate Holi in an innovative and attractive way. It was my first experience there.

I used to listen that the best Holi is played out there only and this time I got an opportunity to be the part of Nandgaon Holi festival and it turned out to be the most amazing part of my life till now.

If you have not celebrated Holi in Nandgaon, it's almost like you have not played Holi ever in your life. We can notice numerous of pictures but the picture I've clicked is the best epic scene recorded till now cause what I captured is not just their way of celebrating the festival but it reflects that people forget each and everything while playing out there.

They celebrate, they dance, they sing and what not. If you want to celebrate Holi in a real sense, plan your next Holi in Nandgaon

By Yuvraj Sachdeva
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