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Shutterhub Inda is an Instagram Photography community Founded by Aman Masih in June 2015.We understand the struggles that you face along the way because we’ve been there; Let us teach you necessary skills faster, so you can spend more time shooting and having fun!
All of us started as hobbyists and transformed our passions into businesses that support us financially.In this blog people can share there tips and tricks their knowledge how they click,Also you can share your knowledgeable content with other photographer's like you.
There are many educators at heart, and find it exciting and inspiring to share their knowledge and experience with you; photographers of all levels..It's an Blog for the people by the people.

               Team Shutterhub India

Aman Masih

Aman Masih

It all started in 9th grade.I joined Instagram in summer vacations at June 2014.Then I came to know about photography after showing some awesome pictures of Indian and foreigner photographers and i started clicking pictures from my mobile phone.I came to know about some Instagram photography community pages that featured photographers on their pages,But i never get featured in any one then I decided to start my own page and i created sutterhub in this page I usually featured Indian and foreigner photographers but mostly foreigners.Then suddenly after 2-3 Months my page got hacked at 7k.In 2015 I again started Shutterhub India but only for our proud Indian Photographers.In this  period I learned lot from other photographers.I have not purchased any camera till now.I hope you got some awesome knowledge  from our community.

Pritendra Matroja Admin/Curator
Pritendra Matroja


Me, Pritendrasinh Matroja also known as Fotosoul_pritendra on Instagram. Currently I am working Amateur Freelancer. Passionate, enthusiastic.. well whatever you can say. My education was completed last year with pretty good score in Engineering and well I am not into past too much so..I always attached and curious to art. I also achieved some prices for my performance in Painting and some related art. I wasn't into Photography before I entered in Engineering and also didn't know about that too much at that time. I have a mobile phone but I never used it for Photography. During Engineering life I comes know more about it & technology. BTW I am crazy tech lover. Hahaha.. I was loved to painting & photography is just another form of art. So I attached too much to it & started to take photograph and learn about Photography with my 1st mobile phone. As engineering completes love for it just increases. And that's what I am doing today. I make living with it, since my parents bought me my 1st DSLR back in May, 2017. It's tough, I am not earning too much from it. But I will continue to learn more and more in Photography and give my self & people best of my artwork. And every photograph should have it's own feel.  


Rohit Pawane



Hi, my self Rohit Pawane. I'm doing BAMS! photography is Hobby. Doing photography cos now it's not just a hobby its my daily routine and passion. I joined shutterhub for learning new things... loved to Work with team.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our blog and get to know us. Looking forward to seeing you around!

The Shutterhub India Team