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Mobile Photography 101: All The Tips & Tricks You Need To Know To Become A Pro

Mobile Photography 101: All The Tips & Tricks You Need To Know To Become A Pro

In the days of powerful phone cameras, editing apps and filters, we've all come close to the photography experience. For a pretty, Insta-worthy picture, you really don't need a DSLR anymore. Professional photography is different, of course, but it's simpler to take a shot for your memory bank and social media feed.

Tips For Mobile Photography For Landscape Mode


In digital photography, a landscape mode refers to photographs clicked of a scene or scenery and a single object. When taking photos in this mode, the camera will automatically focus on as much of the scene as possible by using a large depth of field i.e. a measurement that represents the range of distances within an image where the focus is acceptably sharp.

  • Adjust the exposure manually: Exposure means how dark or bright the image is.  When you tap on the subject you want to focus on, the camera will automatically set the exposure in the shot. However, this isn’t always ideal because if the subject is in the dark area of the frame, this could lead to it being over-exposed.

  • Don’t zoom: Zooming (pinching in and out) on mobile phones reduces the photo quality. The photograph becomes grainy and loses its charm. You’ll get a better quality shot if you walk ahead and get closer to the subject.

  • Rule of the third: This is probably one of the most important and go-to rules when it comes to photography. Divide the image using two vertical and two horizontal lines. The subject or most important element of the image is placed along these lines or where they meet.

  • Click from alternative angles: Just so that you have options to choose from, it’s always great to click from different angles. If you don’t like one point of view, there are always others to choose from. Consider getting down to the ground level, or stand on a chair to get the top view, especially if you’re clicking table top images of food.Read Full Article Here... 

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