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How Much Do These Instagram Famous Wedding Photographers Really Cost?

How Much Do These Instagram Famous Wedding Photographers Really Cost?

Do you often get carried away looking at your fave celebrities' wedding pictures? Virushka, Sonam-Anand and Sagarika-Zaheer have already given us enough reasons to wish we had their wedding photographers for our big day too. But, we all know how expensive an affair that is. These photographers are not only famous amongst celebrities, but also on Instagram. We all follow them to draw references for our wedding photographers and get our pictures shot the same way. But do you know how much do the Instagram-famous wedding photographers really charge? Let's put all the speculations to rest because we got in touch with them to find out. 

1. Safarnama Films

Lakshya Manwani Photography launched Safarnama Films because of his passion for creating memories. Now, he's got 50K followers on Instagram. They charge Rs 1,50,000 for photography and cinema both.

2. WeddingNama

They were the magicians behind Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan's dreamy wedding pictures. With many more high profile weddings in their kitty, the husband-wife duo of Ankita and Akash specialise in photography and filming. They believe in keeping it simple and classy and that's what we love about them. Their charges start at Rs 5 lakhs per day.

3. The Wedding Conteurs

The Wedding Conteurs By Nitin and Shiv have 65K followers on Instagram already. They specialise in destination weddings and they charge Rs 1,20,000 for the wedding day. They charge Rs 2 lakhs per day for photos and videos. However, their rates vary for other wedding functions. Read Full Article Here...

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