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Dhobi ghat series By YASH KANT (Stories Behind the Pictures)

This was my first experience at Mumbai Dhobi Ghat!Someone has rightly said that the unplanned plans are the best ,this was one such plan! It was completely unplanned and was decided at the last moment.At first I was hesitant to go there but then my friend Rohan  suggested that the place is completely worth it you will find lovely frames in each and every corner of dhobighat.

When we entered dhobi ghat we spotted two dhobis (washermen) washing clothes , unlike other strangers who get shy or hesitate to get clicked the washermen were very confident in front of the cameras and started washing the clothes more vigorously ! Helping me get the perfect click.

While heading further inside the lavoir we spotted these small kids heading towards their houses , the innocence on their face struck me and without wasting a minute I captured the moment ! Their smiles didn't just reflect innocence but also the purity of their souls , which 
caught my eye.

When we were heading back towards the exit I spotted a dhobi hanging clothes ! The most appealing  moment over there was, that he was hanging clothes in certain shades of red ! This colorful sight grabbed my attention and I captured the colourful moment!

When we approached the exit we saw a couple of ironers ironing clothes and at the same time we spotted  some men cooking food , so without thinking twice I grabbed my camera and captured the lovely moment with perfect dim lighting and dark shadows ! 

To conclude I'll suggest a Mumbaiker or a even a non- Mumbaiker to visit dhobighat at least once . One will not only get beautiful pictures but also get to learn how to face life with a bright smile ! Each and every person had a lovely smile on their face which also made us confident enough to capture those moments!

By Yash Kant

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