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Light Painting-Tips & Tricks

Hello i am Rohan ( Engineering drop out 😂😅 ) so it all started in 2017  I came across this amazing photographer named eric (u can find him on ig -@ericparephoto ) something about eric he's the one who invented the tube light painting by seeing him i learned light painting through youtube and instagram.It requires lots of practice and dedication to get those different shapes. And in lightpainting there are endless possibilities using those tube you just need vision.Beside light painting my interests are portrait , street , landscape.

The equipment I used for light painting shoots.

  • Stable tripod 
  • ‎Canon 700d 
  • ‎18-55mm , 24mm 
  • Wireless remote shutter trigger (viltrox JY- 120-c1)
  • ‎Two 2000 lumens flashlight (cree t6)‎
  • ‎Different colour gels 
  • ‎Sparkels
  • Clear transparent tube 

So this transparent tubes are not available in india how to get one??
You can get it from any arcylic shop ask them for clear transparent tube that will do the job.

 First you need to find a model who can stay still for few seconds without any movements.Find a location for shoot search for open area or where you can get reflections like beach or lake.Before you go for the shoot discuss the poses with your model in light painting your model pose should be elegant and flawless and always shoot in blue hour and golden hour ‎when you shoot in blue or golden hour you don't need any light for exposing your model.If you shoot in night time like in dark places you might need an extra torchlight or an flash to expose your model.But if you have an high power flashlight in your tube then you don't need any extra light to expose your model.

So how to make a perfect circle?

First you have to be perfectly aligned with your model and to your camera. You have to make a circle with only one hand while making the circle you don't have to move your whole hand you just have to rotate your wrist.You have to make an circle using your wrist and always start your circle from the bottom if you start from the middle or from the top the circle won't be clean And flawless.

While choosing your frame avoid unwanted elements to make your picture perfectly Exposed you have to set shutter speed at 1 min and take one picture  and see the background is perfectly exposed or not according to that change your other settings.I usually prefer wide frame for light painting shoots.‎It takes 3 to 4 sec to make one light painting circle.

DSLR settings for light-painting?? 

There are no perfect settings for this. you have to change your setting according to location but shutter speed remains the same you only need 3-4 sec to make circle
If you're trying to make any different shapes the you need to increase your shutter speed.for making circle and any different shapes you need lots of practice.Always shoot in raw format for more details.

By Rohan Wankhade