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How To Buy a Camera?

The one question get asked by students, friends, relatives, blog readers, newsletter subscribers, and people we meet at parties is, “What’s a good camera to buy?” People expect us to know about all the latest trends in camera gear and have opinions about what is the best one. But what most people don’t realize is that choosing a camera is as much of an emotional decision as it is one that is based on camera features. People also think that I have a lot of spare time to go shopping with them, because they always want me to do that too! This guide will help you understand what kinds of things to look for in a new camera. It will also help you understand your needs. My needs are totally different than your needs. The type of camera you want and need is probably a lot different than the one you need. Read this guide and then take yourself out shopping.So let's started.

What is your Budget 

This is not possible for every people to afford Camera of  1-2 Lac.First of all you have to decide your Budget.For example your budget is 50,000.You have to deselect all Cameras above the 50,000.Now those  are left focus on them.


Now we come to second point what is your objective.Why you want to buy a camera.You want to Shoot Pictures,Videos or Both.If you want to click only Pictures we preferred you to buy DSLR and if you want to shoot only videos in this case please do research at the side of mirrorless cameras because mirrorless camera are very idol now days for Videography.They are very light weight and come with good stabilization which is very good for any type of video shoots.

Full Frame OR Crop Sensor 

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We understand you may not know more about Full Frame or Crop Sensor if you not a DSLR user.
If you want us to make a separate blog on this topic so please comment blow in comment section.So how you will decide which one is a suitable Camera for you.If you want good low light images,if use low iso or you shoot mostly at night.Then you have to prefer full Frame Sensor.If you want wide view images or you like to shoot wide angle images then Full frame sensor is good choice for you becouse when we come to crop sensor;Crop factor will apply on your picture.Let's say if use 100mm lence this will give you normal 100mm view but if you came on crop sensor it will multiply by 1.5 or 1.6 and result we will get is a cropped picture.

How Many Megapixels?  

The first thought come in your mind when you think aboutMegapixels that is more megapixels means better image quality.This is not 100% correct.If you are cliking for your Social Networking posts and you want to show your work on Laptop or Phone then 12MP camera is  sufficient and good enough for you.If you shoots commercially and required prints then you have to look 20MP-25MP or higher megapixels.The reason is when you do cropping or prints You need more megapixel count for  fulfill good quality required Picture. 

Brand Preference

Many people have their brand preference.Someone's like Nikon,Someone's like canon,Someone's like sony..etc.Every one have their personal brand preference.If you have also a Brand Preference.If you have any existing camera and invested in lenses then you will prefer that brand or camera.If you have not buy any camera till now and it's will be your first camera so we suggest you please do some research do watch videos on youtude,Read articles,and show peope's views on that camera and finally Invest after that.

So friends these are the five steps that help you to buy your new idol or first camera.If you follow all steps one by one.Best of luck and congratulation for your new camera!😊

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